Flying High at Skylab Studio’s

Flying High at Skylab Studio’s


This is an overdue post but I wanted to share it with you because it’s something that I would strongly recommend you try – even if only once!

I’ve started a Blog Collective called Bloggers That Slay and it is all about connecting bloggers with one another. The collective hosts a fitness session called #Slaysessions and we were fortunate enough to partner with Skylab Studios in Camden.

The studios are light, airy and somewhat quirky making it an awesome place for photography when the light is right.

The session started with a warm up to get our whole body’s moving, I don’t know why I imagined the warm up being slow but it was relatively fast and featured some stretching movements. It had me saying if this is the warm up then I wonder what the real workout would be like! For main section of the session we got to use hammocks, silks and hoops and I’ve listed the differences below:

Hammocks – this is similar to the hammocks that you see on holiday because it is essentially one piece of cloth but it is a hammock because you still have something supporting you without having to use to much effort to suspend in the air. It was relatively easy to use this!

Silks – this involved two large pieces of material but you really need to have good core as well as balance. Unlike the hammock, you are completely in control for supporting yourself. It may seem hard at first but once you learn to use gravity and balance to your advantage, it is usually easy to get.

Hoop – It does what it says on the tin – it is a hoop suspended in the air. I found it a lot easier than the silks but there is a specific manoeuvre to get on and off it as you can very easily hurt yourself!

For each different piece of equipment, we had different tricks to learn and I really liked the class because as it progressed it on what was previously taught so it is important to pay attention! During the class, you will learn techniques such as how to use your core and balance to elevate yourself in the air, you’ll also learn some tricks like how to straddle (being upside down with legs out in the air) and how to tuck and handstands plus much more.

I have the weakest core so I strongly recommend trying out the aerial taster class first! Other classes that are offered include aerial fit and aerial stretch which helps with your core and flexibility.

If you are embarrassed of making fun out of yourself, Astra offers private lessons which means you could learn one on one or even do it to celebrate a birthday, hen do or just a general group activity.

If you are interested in finding out more information about Skylab Studios – you can find some details below here:








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