What is Straight Talk?

What is Straight Talk?


As promised, I have been working on some changes across the blog. If you have been one of my faithful CLUTTERER’s you’ll notice that FASHIOИCLUTTER has slowly evolved from a fashion-only blog into a generic lifestyle website. I am now 27 years old and I’ve been blogging on and off since I was 23 (for four years!!!) so there were bound to be changes in my style of writing and the things I talk about.

The longer I blog, the more important I think it is for me to represent myself as the individual I am. I do like fashion but what I hate about people or society is that the moment you tell people you like one thing they believe that it’s your whole entire life. What people need to understand is that I like OTHER things too, like basketball, experiential events (creating and experiencing it), keeping fit, dance, Hip-Hop culture and so much more.

I’ve been toying with the idea of STRAIGHT TALK for a good year and I’ve been burning to get a lot of things that are not fashion, fitness or travel related off my chest – and I’m really excited to talk about it! I’ll be talking about topics that I hope you find interesting. Some of the topics will be controversial but I’ll promise to start off easy!

STRAIGHT TALK may sound like a part of the blog where I rant about X, Y and Z and I’ll be honest with you – I will be doing that at times to share my opinion with you but not everything to do with STRAIGHT TALK need be negative. I will talk about positive things too!

I guess the best thing to do is to keep it under wraps and let you see what I’m talking about in the up and coming weeks.


For those of you thinking about why is my blog called FASHIOИCLUTTER, when it is not just about fashion – please don’t tell me about my brand. I started it as a combination of the words Fashion and Clutter. Fashion because it is the root of my blog and Clutter because I have so many interests, when you combine all the paraphernalia I’ve collected – you can classify it as clutter. Then I thought I might as well turn it into one word –  FASHIOИCLUTTER!


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