Recipe: Sunshine Omelette

Recipe: Sunshine Omelette


I am not a fan of slow food so I wanted to share my recipe for the Sunshine Omelette which I would recommend for a hangover, an alternative Spanish breakfast or quick lunchtime dish.

What you will need:

3 x eggs

2 x half peppers (try and get an orange or green pepper for more colour)

Half a large avocado

10 x piccolo tomatoes

Pinch of salt

Olive Oil

Step 1: Chop the pepper, avocado and vine tomatoes into smaller pieces

Tip: The smaller the vegetables are chopped, the less likely they are to break the omelette when turning over. If you want a rough broken omelette, keep the pieces chunky.

Tomatoes, Peppers, Sunshine Omlette

Chopped Vegetables for Sunshine Omlette

Step 2: Whisk eggs in a bowl until fluffy and bubbly. Add chopped vegetables, leaving some loose vegetables for garnishing

Step 3: Preheat some olive oil in a frying pan

Sunshine Omelette in Pan

Sunshine Omelette in Pan

Step 4: Once the pan is hot. Add the omelette mixture and wait until golden brown. Turnover and repeat on the other side.

Tip: Don’t worry about the omelette breaking as any loose vegetables can be used for garnishing.

Step 5: Serve omelette on a plate and add additional chopped vegetable inside the omelette (folded in half).

It’s a pretty simple recipe of an omelette so even if you’ve never cooked in your life before, I would expect you to be able to do this.

Give it a try and let me know if you create any alternatives.


Sunshine Omelette


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