White on White Outfits???

White on White Outfits???

CLUTTERERS!!! It’s been a while since I last did a style spot so I’m pretty happy I managed to get this post up. I often hear in fashion that “black is always in fashion” or that right now fashion is about “all black errr’thang” so I thought about doing a white on white outfit?

I know that I don’t fully have a white on white head to toe look but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of monochrome right? So below I share a couple of snaps of my outfit featuring one of London’s tallest building (being tall myself!!) – The Shard 🙂

Crop Top – Topshop

Translucent Jumper – Lavish Alice

Skirt – ASOS

Socks – ASOS

Heeled Boots – New Look

Many thanks to Nathan Lewis of manmeetsfashionblog.com for taking these images with my camera – Part 2 featuring Nathan will be on the blog shortly!












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