Istituto Marangoni – The Fashion Future

Istituto Marangoni – The Fashion Future

During Graduate Fashion Week, I use to get so excited about the International Show because I loved watching the Istituto Marangoni section of the catwalk. It was so great to see that with the new London location of the fashion school, they were able to have their own show and I must say… it was hella dope!

I’ve always loved Istituto Marangoni because the students really do explore their inner creativity and as with other fashion colleges they produce very innovative designers. One thing I like about them over other colleges is the ability that their students have balancing unique striking designs over wearable collections.

My favourite designer was Laura Stoecki – her outfits were incredible and I was actually quite disappointed that I never managed to get the photographic shots it deserved. Her designs played with the popular print trends, but I feel that Stoecki prints to a much more contemporary level with such a modern take on print.


Laura Stoeckl



Laura Stoeckl

Another designer I loved was Nicole Pacini. Pacini’s main designer focus was based around knitwear. Although her designs may have seen a little simpler than Laura Stoecki, I fully appreciated the effortless chic nature of her collection.


Nicole Pacini

I wanted to give a special shout out to Paola Quintero because I honestly don’t know what it is about her designs – I just love it! Her inspiration was based around the aesthetics of bones, but I feel like the collection almost has a graffiti street feel to it without it looking to busy.


Paola Quintero


Paola Quintero



Paola Quintero

Below, I have included other images of notable moments throughout the show from other up and coming designers that I hope to hear a lot more from.


Natalia Troitskaya


Nicole Haber



Maria Moiseeva


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